Powerfull logistic solution

Our solution handles with it's E-FULLFILLMENT the entire chain of logistics processes - from signature to release. Our customers can chose if they want the entire chain or only parts of it. Our team takes care of the administration, fulfillment and distribution for you.

With the combination of the pijaca software solution and the deep connection via the Logistic Enterprise Connectory you get a highly customized shopping solution. The LEC takes care of all data traffic between the logistic center and your shop.
Our employees use our in a decade developed system  for every order - so that in the end only those goods end up in the shipping box, that where ordered. We use Pick-by-Light and Pick-by-Voice. Our automated and customized quality controll monitors everything.
Customized volume and weight packaging solutions allow all possible dispatch. If needed, including zip code optimization and Adress-reworking- and with an optimal dispatch to the customer with renowned shipping service.
We do Track & Trace also.
For returns, we developed and implemented a fast and efficient Management. We do a customer-oriented design in terms of product testing, repair, repackaging and 2. option-handling.  You get an individually processed Protocol regarding the reasons of the return.
Our internal logistics management is a constantly optimized and continuously developed Warehouse management - including the computerized inventory management with permanent inventory.
Compelling to our specified IT, we have an area of over 100,000 square meters with pallet, retail, security and customs warehouse.
About 75 permanent employees take on - united for custom-trained team - order management, billing, reporting and all related statistics.
In addition, we formulate together an individualized quality management.
Special requirements and expectations for technology and handling can thus be documented and then implemented.
With the start of e-FULFILLMENT we also introduced order management, billing and accounts receivable management for our customers.
These include: accounting, credit management, reminders, debt collection, accounts management and monitoring of incoming payments.
We offer manual and automated assembly work. According to customer instruction individually delivered components are individually packed in single or multi-stage process manually.
Whether goods Sets Kit packaging, small amounts or even services such as price labeling and shipping packages - we make it possible.

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