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Features & Modules

  • Enterprise Shop Backend ESB

    The ESB manages all customers and shops, PaaS customers use this backend also for product management.
    Management of multi shop system (multi-client-capable)
    Assignment of products to its shops
    Payment options
    User adminsitration of SHOP customers (Shop Owner PaaS)
    Whitelabel shops
    Marketplace administration
    B2B & B2C

  •   Product Information Management PIM

    The PIM manages all product informations and simplifies it‘s complexity.

    šMain management of product informations
    šProduct – export & import
    šEnrich products wih informational text, pictures, prices, attributes and more
    šPoint reward system and price options
    šAssignment of picture database  (using the  GTIN)
    šManagement of theme carts
    šManagement of subscriptions


  • Warehouse Management System WMS

    The WMS the storage management

    Assignment of products to different warehouses (Stock of products in the warehouse)
    Inbound / Outbound management
    Warehouse management of products (Storage, Location, Shelf, Tray)
    Inventory correction
    Reorder Limit
    Booking (Product entry and output management)
    Import / Export CSV
    Best-by-date management
    Bbd alert management (Best-Before-Date)
    Amount, size, weight, etc.
    Distributor information management
    Integration of local warehouses connected to multi-channel (local retail connector)
    Connection of point of sale, barcode scanner, online payment
    Returns & Reversal management
  • Customer Relationship Management CRM

    The CRM administers all customer informations

    Customer data
    Carts - Invoices
    Ticket system (help desk solution)
    Rating system (comments & ratings)
    Reward system
    Semantic analysis of product attributes
    Product suggestions of customer conduct
    Analysis of conformity
    Buying behaviour
    Promotion activities
    Complex layout themes
  • Content Management System CMS

    The CMS manages all the content of the system

    Management of content
    Management of global translation
    Management of picture assets
    HTML5 module management
    File management (Downloads, attachements)
    Special Storytelling CMS
    Newssystem (Playout to)
    Newsletter, Mails, RSS Feeds, Social Media Channels
    Landingpages System
    Landingpage conception
    Special products
    Multidomain capable
    Help system
  •   Lead Relationship Management LRM

    The LRM manages all leads of the system

    Calendar system
    Layout Generator
  • Agile Project Management APM

    The APM is a internal Project Management System

    Based on SCRUM
    Agile Project management
    Daily SCRUM
    SPRINT orientated
    Daily Tasks
    Task meassuring / Analysis
    Local error report
    Linktracking, shows where bug has appeared
  • Key Performance Indicator KPI

    The KPI is a dashboard showing all necessary indicators

    Dashboard analysis
    Revenue analysis
    Campaign analysis
    Lead analysis
    Different views, rankings, product tracking
    Keywords, Search Analytics
    Export as HTML, PDF, EXCEL, WORD
  • Busines Process Engine BPE

    The BPE creates in an easy way business processes by drag n drop

    Workflow Engine
    IFTTT Process Graphics Board
  • Social Media Plattform CMS

    The SMP enables a complete community building feature in the pijaca system for customer loyalty

    Community with Profiles, groups, news stream, messenger, events…
    Shops on Demand
    Integrated payment system
    Integrated Trusted Shops certificate
    Connector to logistc distributor
    App connector
    Facebook, iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  •   Multichannel Advertising MCA

    The MCA is a system wide advertising network for online and offline channels

    Advertising online including
    Graphic banners
    Text banners
    Advertising offline (Branches/ Stores)
    iBeacon connector & management
  • Payment Solutions PAYS

    The Integrated Payment Solutions offer convenient access to all necessary payment gateways. The payment solution Payplugger / checkoutportal is also integrated in pijaca for the marketplace solution.

  • Enterprise Shop System ESS

    The Enterprise-Shop is a state-of-the-art frontend solution

    Semantic and phonetic search
    Navigation filters incl. autom. Indexing
    Customer self -management
    Multidomain able
    Multichannel able
    Multilanguage able
    Multi currency
    Shipping options
    Payment options
    Control logic
    Varities and configurations
    Combinable & saveable
    CDN (Content Delivery Network) integrated
    Random product pictures – different sizes by scaling
    Full Responsive (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Logistic Enterprise Connector LEC

    The Logistics Enterprise Connector manages the data workflow between the pijaca system and the logistics partner

    Connects via pijaca‘s REST API
    Exchange of data workflow, e.g.:
    Orders - Payment - Order status
    Tracking information
    Phone Orders
    Storage data
    PIM data exchange, e.g.:
    GTIN information
    Best Before Date information
    Warehouse storage locations
  • Cash System CASH

    The cash system is used in stores and flagshipstores. It has access to the complete Data Warehouse data

    Branch stores enabled
    Integrated barcode scan function
    Payment system
    Cash payment
    Card payment
    Paypal, amazon pay...
    Enterprise Ressource planning
    Automatic inventory management / offline & online
    Cash book
    Audit-proof daily closing
    DATEV export
    Connector to CRM
    Integration „loyalty card“ bonus system
    Connector to logistic distributor
    Warehouse management

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