Our History

We're a small team of seven people at Mauz & Wauz, the mother company where pijaca is currently developed. Starting pijaca for our own needs, we now build a great Enterprise Commerce System as a Portal-as-a-Service.


The story begins

Because we had a lack of a suitable Shop System for our project Mauz & Wauz, we decided to build one on our own. As things grew also the features of our shop system grew along. While talking to other startups and partners we decided to build the coolest Enterprise Shop System ever, because there is so much more we want to integrate in the system. 

December 2014

Omni-Channel version

In December 2014 we decided to build an Enterprise Commerce System where you don't have to use third party tools. Just everything in one hand, your one-stop-omnich-channel-solution.

2015 February

Launch of first customer

We finally launched the first customer shop - Notioncube-Software. They sell their great software with a subscription service, which you can handle perfectly within pijaca.

March 2015

Official presentation at the SXSW in Austin/Texas

We're part of a delegation of the TOP 10 startups from the German state Baden-Wuerttemberg. We're representing the state in the German House. We will officially present pijaca.io to the public audience there and are thrilled for feedback.

2015 August

Our customer on VOX TV Show at "Die Höhle der Löwen"

Our customer "My Pillow Factory" - www.mypillowfactory.com attended at the TV Show DHDL. Website was all up and running and our logistics handled all orders perfectly

November 2015

Attend at the Web Summit 2015 in Dublin - Won Angel's Choice Award

We stayed in Dublin at the Web Summit and had a stand at the ALPHA track on day 3. We also won the Angel's Choice Award

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